The Bio-field (Aura)


The Energy Layers

The Energy Body

The whole energy body consists of seven layers. Each energy layer changes into another immediately, not gradually. When energy potential changes, quantity becomes quality. This is a law that governs Galaxies and entire Universes, on which the hierarchical and multi-layered structure of the Cosmos is based.

The Layers

The Physical Body: The first layer is the one that is a physical being, in other words our body.

The rest – six in a row – going from the innermost layer to the outermost are:

It extends beyond our physical body at a distance of 1-1.5 centimeters and is its “ethereal twin“, as it resembles it in size and shape exactly. The physical body is constructed on the basis of the etheric layer and is an exact copy of it. Throughout our lives, it is this layer which forms and repairs our physical body.

The ethereal layer is synonymous with the material of the biological body’s human activity. It is the carrier of the powers that form the powers of the physical body, that is, the vital creative energy as well as the senses.It has the property of being able to absorb the life force of the Sun, which it transmits to the body through the nerves, a function similar to that of electricity within the electric cables of a home. In the case of paralysis, for example, the vital energy of the etheric layer does not flow to the paralyzed part of the body in exactly the same way that the current is interrupted when a fuse switch drops due to a short circuit on a power board.

During illness, the etheric layer thins and cannot absorb the same amount of energy. Outbound energies and vibrations deform. It could be said that the etheric layer is the “material” from which the whole structure is built. If this material is defective, then the building is highly likely to collapse. An ethereal layer which is not fully developed – up to the normal 10% of the whole – makes the person prone to disease, and when it is completely non-existent, the physical body can only exist for a very short time. On the other hand, a well-developed ethereal layer strengthens the immune system and makes us hardy and industrious. 

The peculiarity of this layer is that the layers of the energy body can, if necessary, use the energy of the etheric, while the etheric layer cannot function using the energy of others. Most of its energy is used by the astral layer, the seat of emotions. One of the main reasons for leakage of etheric energy is uncontrolled negative and positive emotions and that is why in critical situations, we must learn to control our feelings and relax our muscles. 

This layer develops and strengthens when it strengthens the respiratory and muscular system of man. A well – developed respiratory system, good health, physical strength, endurance and industriousness are fundamental evidence of a healthy ethereal layer. 

Earth also has its etheric layer, the atmosphere. 

As you can see we are connected directly because when someone commits a wrongdoing (kill, steal, etc.), they produce low frequencies, which also accumulate in the earth’s etheric layer. Whereas, positive actions, such as helping others, observing moral standards and conscious self-improvement produce higher frequency energies that increase the potential of the earth and is conducive to its carrying out its own “Ascension“, to follow its own evolutionary course/path.

It is comprised of the form of energy known as the gravitational field of the Moon, and is very closely connected to lunar rhythms and cycles. It is said that the astral layer is colorful and all emotions (i.e. old, new, fleeting) are recorded on it. It is very fluid and, dependent on one’s emotional state, it can take various forms and dimensions. We can travel and move almost instantaneously through this layer/plane within the boundaries of the stratosphere of earth, which is the planet’s astral layer/plane.

The astral layer itself has its own complex anatomy (the study of which be left to a later time.). This energy is considered to be quite heavy – though clearly thinner than that of the etheric – and can stimulate the sensory organs of our physical body as well as the objects of our world.

The quality of the astral layer depends directly on the quality of feelings and desires. Every desire and every emotion correspond to a certain frequency, and it is up to us to determine what kind of energy potential we will accumulate and what actions we will allow to go out. Gentle desires, for example, as well as beautiful feelings gather positive energy, while whatever is despicable/ignoble produces negative. Thus, this layer/plane fills with high or low frequencies that determine its quality and color. This layer defined by inferior material desires has ugly dark dull colors. Conversely, tender and altruistic desires fill the layer with higher, subtler energies which yields beautiful and bright colors.

What we all need to take into consideration, however, is that everything ultimately ends up on earth. Unfortunately, the large majority of people today are not spiritually and emotionally balanced directly affecting the earth’s energy status and the state of its astral layer/ plane.

The astral plane/layer shapes the individual’s perception of the world and reality to a much greater degree than the other energy strata.

Joy, love, trust, courage, hope, faith, but also fear, anger, depression, and anxiety are all there, and they inform the etheric layer of which emotion is at the forefront.

The vibrations that impart emotions are the unconscious messages that are transmitted to the outside world by us, and the principle on which mutual attraction is based. So, we often encounter those individuals or situations that reflect what we are trying to avoid. Unresolved negative emotions want to survive and if possible, grow, that is why they drive us over and over again to recurrent situations which are the source of their food. If they are not resolved, they will just continue to exist. 

An individual could be consciously pursuing love and happiness, but, perhaps due to fear, anger, or any other negative emotion, on an unconscious level be emitting contradictory and conflicting frequencies, and so, is not allowed to reach their desired goal.

There are many factors that can affect the evolution of the astral layer.

The quantity and quality of what has been done in previous lives has been recorded and accumulated in the subtle energy layers of the body.

A very good method of strengthening the astral layer is to get used to the cold and swimming in cold water.

Water is the symbol of vitality and is metaphorically and literally connected to astral energies. The colder the water, and the closer it is to nature, the more astral energy it contains. Swimming in cold water and getting used to cold increase astral growth twofold over a nine-month period. Further, beneficial habits you can adopt are walking barefoot on the ground and fasting.

Yet another very good way of developing the astral layer is to focus on a particular taste, odour, feeling of heat or cold. In order to apply this method, you need to be relaxed, have your spine aligned, free your mind of thoughts and exercise daily.

Please Note: The greatest astral energy leak is seen when we eat more than we need, after indulging in too much sex or when we feel very cold. But the greatest enemy of the astral layer is depression. Depression can destroy someone within a few days. Also bear in mind that an explosion of anger /rage consumes as much vital energy as Prana concentrates/collects in one day, i.e. too much energy is expended and results in energy weakness. If this continues over a long period of time, then physical weakness ensues.

It is difficult to describe its form. According to the writings of Alice Bailey, it resembles light shining in various shades, dependent on the vibration which caused this. When a human mind starts evolving and dealing with higher issues, this layer becomes brighter and more beautiful.

Apart from the central chakra, the mental layer also has subclasses, which are conducive to energy exchange with the universe. Cognitive energy is essential for the functioning of certain parts of the body, brain and endocrine glands (internal secretion glands). However, when the mental layer has a strong impact on the fourth chakra, a person undergoes the sensation that someone is pressing on their chest and that their head is “inflated“. The “matter” from which the mental layer is composed is that of the total gravitational field of the planets of our Solar system and the one which has the greatest impact on this layer is the planet “Zeus”. The mental layer also includes the program that defines the limits of human intellectual development.

We should all be aware that the mental layer is formed solely by man’s thoughts. Thoughts do not only affect the mental layer, but they also have the power to cause feelings and desires, furthermore, as energy thoughts are subtler, they are at the same time stronger. It has been proven beyond doubt that our thoughts affect our health three times more strongly than emotions and desires do.

Thinking is a form of electromagnetic radiation and produces energy, which the denser it becomes the coarser it becomes. Thought on uniting with consciousness generates an infinite number of realities both on our own level of existence and on those that lie beyond earth. As people, we constantly influence reality by altering the quality of thoughts and feelings. Therefore, how and what we think of ourselves is of the utmost importance because that is ultimately what we shall get in our own personal reality. That which we fear is exactly what we attract, while, what is resisted the most is what happens in our life.

Respectively, our planet has its own mental layer along with its own level of development and its own evolutionary program.

Today, earth is acquiring fresh data and new energy streams that come from the universe which do not only carry energy, but also information. The planet needs to process all this energy information to move to a new energy level of existence. Today, the “installation” of the new earth program is taking place.

Unfortunately, the earth’s mental layer is not in a good state as it is constantly being fed by the negative energies that most human’s thoughts produce. So, do not have bad thoughts. Do not think negatively. Do not bring to the fore unpleasant memories! But do consider that millions of gray and pessimistic thoughts accumulate in the cognitive layer of the planet, thus planning its further existence.

People who are aware of this are obliged to keep their mental activity under control because this is the basis of their future existence.

The mental layer is the most powerful of the human biofields, and its real function is to receive universal truths that come to it from the spiritual layer and to unite them with its logical mind which in turn, is obliged to apply these truths to specific situations and to bring solutions in harmony with Universal Law. Knowledge that is conveyed to us from our own spiritual layer is expressed in the form of sixth sense and sudden insights (images or sounds) that are transformed into thoughts.

Today’s humans live primarily in the mental layer, which supports all our vital functions. People hardly make use of the other layers. The function of the mental layer changes according to age. It develops particularly rapidly and intensely between the ages of 12 to 17, after this age group the development then slows down while at an even older age further development is much less.

When the mental layer is developed it mirrors that of the spiritual layer and the individual can now identify themselves with the wisdom and holistic knowledge of their Higher Self. The most accessible method of developing the mental layer is spiritual development and brain activity in general. The reading of literature, the ability to handle information, to know psychology, to solve problems logically, and the study of logic itself, contributes to the strengthening of the layer. Being able to write articles, books, etc. plays a vital role too because this affects the development of the upper mental layer.

Articulate enunciation is yet another indication of a well-developed mental layer. However, if this layer is not developed then an individual finds themselves unable to express themselves properly, – inarticulate/ incoherent speech contaminates space-time vibrations for a long time to come.

The ability to make thoughts realized at will is of particular importance; that is, to have our thoughts do whatever we wish. For this to be achieved the following is needed:

  • Check the quality of your thoughts.

Factors that negatively affect the purity and quality of the mental layer are pride, poor nutrition as well as mental exhaustion.

Let us not forget: Thoughts are living entities that have their own form, colour, energy frequency, radiation intensity and charge. They can either bring creation and harmony or chaos and destruction to their environment. So, you must learn to think positively and to work on it every day. Always bear in mind that one bad thought can cancel out ten good deeds!

This layer directs and controls all the aforementioned inferior layers. It contains the program of the development of each layer as well as the program of temporal activation of every desire, instinct and act. Each program “runs” in its own time: infancy – childhood – adolescence – mature age – great age. The program determines, for example, when a baby will start to walk and when his/her talents will be activated. This is the reason why some start painting beautifully at 5, another at 10 and another at the age of 30.

The causal layer records the history of all previous lives of a person and all their misdeeds which are not in accordance with the program which as a consequence accumulate karma. The karmic layer can be likened to a computer that contains all the information about the individual.

Of course, this layer is also connected to earth’s karmic layer. The causal layer of our planet has its own development program and its own timeframes. These times can only be changed by their creators. They are called planetary growth times and are connected to the universal evolutionary circles that pertain to and affect many other planets and constellations. The causal layer of both human and earth records all the mental, emotional and behavioral activity that directly affects the formation of the future life program of both.

The karmic layer is the master of our “ego“. The Russian mathematician and philosopher Peter D. Ouspensky in his work called it “the layer of self – awareness.” The Causal layer contains the causes of all acts and is hardly ever susceptible to random external influences. Nevertheless, it can be programmed with the help of consciousness and autosuggestion.

A developed karmic layer provides us with the ability to influence humans and animals, travel to other worlds, raise Kundalini, affect people and situations from a distance, etc. However, in the case of where there is excessive activity of the karmic layer, an increase in the size of the thyroid gland is experienced with the corresponding unpleasant consequences.

Unfortunately, most people’s karmic layer is not at the level it should be. It is one thing to know what, how and why to do something and quite another actually putting it into practice – that requires a sustained effort. It is also important to remember that it makes no sense to offer knowledge on what someone is not prepared for.

Humans do not usually seem to be fond of what requires effort; that which does not, is much preferred. Indeed, humankind often strives to create conditions that will allow no effort to be made! For example, most people are aware that they need to exercise, eat healthy, observe certain obligations, etc., but due to poorly developed karmic layer they find themselves unable to do so.

The better developed our karmic layer is, the more we, as humans, have the ability to control our cosmic organism, since this layer not only controls the other layers, but the person themselves.

That which has an immediate impact on the development of causal layer is the knowledge of the Universe of Intellectual Evolution and its application. When switching from one energy level to another we, as human’s, have to repay all our debts and it is always preferable for us to give back more than we took.

Laziness/ sloth must be fought. The karmic cortex is our only weapon against laziness and other chaotic manifestations. If you are surrounded by lazy and chaotic people, be especially careful and emit deliberate blue rays programmed for objectivity and determination.

Also, you have to constantly fight the habit of choosing the road of little effort. This can destroy your karmic layer. Important strengths of a developed karmic cortex are also the economy of forces, energy and time, as well as mind control. “Stopping the internal dialogue is the key to every kind of magic,” I quote Don Juan (see Carlos Castaneda).

Indeed, the uncontrolled mind consumes almost all our spiritual energy and the more powerful it becomes, the more difficult it is to control. The mind must be the person’s assistant to realization and not the uncontrolled “creator” of their reality.

The most common method of strengthening the karmic layer is that of non-identification, of distancing. This has been used for centuries for almost all the teachings that focus on the mental development of man. Non-identification requires constant control of our situation being the most effective way to deal with negative emotions.

Every effort that one makes in order to gain wisdom has a powerful effect on the karmic layer. When it is transmitted to others, the strength of this layer is increased. With karmic development you can deal with any situation at any age and under any circumstances. The karmic layer slowly gathers its strength. It should be noted that suppression of our emotions whether from internal or external influences affects karmic development negatively.

The development of the karmic layer leads to a feeling of spiritual strength and a certainty that no obstacle is insurmountable. We say that the people who are go for it “have soul”. They are not affected by difficulties and misfortunes and continue to move steadily towards achieving their goals.

It vibrates at the highest frequency of all the energy layers. In the spiritual layer time has no meaning. Through our spiritual layer we experience inner unity with God, the omnipresent source of creation. Only here is it possible for us to recognize the source and the soul of our very existence as well as the purpose of our life.

This layer comprises the unconscious sphere of consciousness, in other words, hyperconsciousness. It is the source of intuitive enlightenment, which is used by us all without our being aware of it – only the enlightened are aware of this. This is our inner “Master,” who never insists on its opinion and speaks only when we ask passionately. It is silent when not questioned or taken seriously. To get in touch with it, we have to work for a long time on improving ourselves.

In structure, the spiritual layer is approximately a million times more complex than the physical layer.

The energy exchange between the physical and the spiritual layer takes place in the pituitary gland (6th chakra). During periods of intense activity in this layer, we feel a pressure which seems to penetrate the skull in the area between the eyebrows.

The spiritual layer has a unique structure designed to collect high frequency energy. This is precisely why the human soul evolves, is tortured and reincarnates. It is the “pearls of wisdom” that the soul gathers during a long evolutionary course and places in this layer in every life / incarnation.

Spiritual or, as otherwise called, mental energy is not easy to collect quickly; however, it can be wasted very quickly.

The wasting of spiritual energy is allowed up to a point. However, when it reaches the minimum threshold, which is different for all, then the degeneration of the soul takes place. And when this goes too far the soul can be transformed into an animal again (though this is rare) or completely decoded as an unsuccessful creature. In this case the soul ceases to exist as a separate entity. Conversely, when spiritual energy increases from life to life, the soul reaches the highest energy level and from there it is transferred to another higher, different level of existence (i.e. the evolutionary ladder).

The reason why it is not possible to create spiritual energy in the spiritual layer rapidly is due to the mechanism of interaction between the karmic and the spiritual layer. The karmic layer acts as a filter of all the energy of all thoughts and actions and gathers them in the form of energy reserves but does not allow this to go higher. High vibration frequencies do not combine/ get involved with lower vibrations. When a person in key moments in their life (i.e. when making a decision/ choice) does a good deed, a positive amount of energy in the form of a pulse is pumped from the reserve and transferred to the upper spiritual layer. It must, therefore, be understood that a person’s spiritual reserve is not determined by how much he believes, goes to the church or reads the Bible, but how correct one’s actions are in accordance with Universal law or the Superior Mind. Today, the spiritual layer of the Earth has been subjected to a great deal of improvement because it is directly related to the spirituality of people.

Universal law takes the form here of: “The energy of the spiritual layer determines the quality of our future life.” Having said this, however, artificial and accelerated accumulation of spiritual energy is not possible. We do not evolve the same because each soul has its own “deadline“. There are new souls who are just beginning their “education” and mature souls who have the necessary experience and energy potential. So, what is acceptable to someone from a moral, emotional and behavioural standpoint is not acceptable to others.

In order to evolve, every individual must constantly battle with their “ego”. Spirituality is the reason why we exist. Spirituality is the production and accumulation of superior energy. It is the “reserves” that we take with us when we leave the level of material existence. It is all that we can take with us and all that matters in other worlds and at other levels of existence.

The Development of the spiritual layer is directly related to the development of intuition as intuition can be defined as the ability to perceive the degree of harmony or disharmony of an object, a form, a concept, a phenomenon, etc.

The more we develop our intuition, the more receptive we are to all forms of harmony.

The energy which creates harmonic music has a powerful effect on the heart chakra. It is no coincidence that in Tibet they use the mantra.

Painting and poetry also contain spiritual energy; albeit, to a lesser degree, and only when they are dedicated to God and have not been created for selfish reasons motivated by the pursuit of wealth and or fame.

At the highest intuitive level, in moments of creative inspiration, we can even reach Enlightenment. It is a brief union with the Universe of the Absolute, through the union of the 6th and 7th chakras (Ajna – Sahasrara).

Certain innate character traits, energies and emotions that impede the development of the spiritual level, consume the feelings of the heart and do not allow the growth and accumulation of spiritual energy. Some of these are as follows:

The main enemy is fear in every form which expresses itself as:

  • jealousy and lies
  • hostility, anger, aggression and hatred
  • whatever feeds on “ego“- selfish ambition, seeking prestige, personal grandeur
  • judging and criticizing other people

All these blocks the 4th chakra and prevents the accumulation of positive energy. Above all, however, they prevent the union of the lower Ego with the Higher Self and, by extension, with the Supreme Spiritual Authority.

The core of the soul is the womb of the soul. It is what renders us conscious of the fact that each of us are a unique personality not like any other.

The womb of the soul is, so to speak, composed of cells similar to those of a beehive. Throughout the evolutionary course of the Soul, these cells must be filled with forms of energy which have specific properties and frequencies.

When the womb is completely imbued with these energies, the Soul then moves to another level of existence.

This mystery is revealed to humans (us) only when a certain level of evolution has been reached.

The core of the soul is connected to the physical body through the brain and the epiphyseal/Pineal gland. When there is intense activity in this layer, it feels as though we are wearing a helmet and the hairs on our head are standing on end. We experience a sense of excitement, energy, youth – as though we have been reborn.

The core of the soul is characterized by the highest quality of energy and feeds on only the most qualitative energies of all evolutionary levels. The conscious effort for its union is only possible when the lower energy layers have developed enough, otherwise a person is not able to receive any information from this level. The chakras must be developed the channels (meridians) clean and the karmic evolution high, so that each subtle layer can be powerfully controlled by it.

Humans (i.e. we) need to have a developed consciousness to be able to process information. If the subtle layers are not evolved in someone, then in the case of spontaneous exit and union, the individual will not come out of this alive. (the artificial rise of Kundalini).

Spiritual people who represent various religions can reach the peak of evolvement of this layer. God is one, the paths that lead to Him are many! These people reach enlightenment by persistent and long-term work on the inner levels of the soul. When a person reaches this point, they come into contact with life as a whole. Here the Great and the Small are considered as one.

Actually, this is not a different level of perspective, but a new level of conscious existence, which has become one with God and exists in His image.

Beyond the physical Body, the three layers of the biofield of the energy body (Aura) decompose:

  • ethereal layer in 3 days
  • astral layer in 9 days
  • spiritual layer in 40 days

The other three layers do not decay. They are never separated from each other. They continue their evolution, which neither ceases in the subtle / higher, nor in the material world.

Every time a program for the soul is created, the layers come down with a new incarnation in the material world. These programs are made taking into account all the information recorded on the causal (karmic) layer of every individual.

Each energy layer of the biofield changes into another directly, not gradually. When the energy potential changes, the quantity becomes quality. This is a law that governs galaxies and entire universes, while the hierarchical and multi-layered structure of the WORLD is based on it.

According to this universal law, every subtle energy is stronger than the heavier one before it, and therefore, is able to direct and control that one. The Higher Worlds direct the lower. All living creatures on our planet (plants, animals, minerals), including earth itself, have been formed in the same hierarchical and multilevel manner

Chakra and Aura Graph

True Aura Impressions


Mrs. Gioula Markou

This photo shows the aura of Mrs. Gioula Markou, Mary’s mother. The photo was taken a few years ago with a Russian aura camera.


Mary Markou

This photo shows the aura of Mary Markou herself. The photo was taken a few years ago with a Russian aura camera.


Energy body graph

Here you see a complete graph of the energy body. By clicking on the photo, you can see it enlarged.


Mrs. Gioula Markou

This photo shows the aura of Mrs. Gioula Markou, Mary’s mother. The photo was taken a few years ago with a Russian aura camera.


Mary Markou

This photo shows the aura of Mary Markou herself. The photo was taken a few years ago with a Russian aura camera.


Energy body graph

Here you see a complete graph of the energy body. By clicking on the photo, you can see it enlarged.

Client Testimonials

Hello. In the spring of 2008 I met Mary Markou, Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing and the method of Cosmic Energy Therapy. Fortunately for me. I say happy because, at some point, my health was shaken by very severe Illing crisis. I suffered for two whole years. Tragic !!! The doctors’ opinion: After they didn’t find out where he came from, they told me that now I “married” them (the vertigo). The treatment: Very strong drugs, prescribed only by a psychiatrist. I also warmly thank Mary Markou from my soul, who with the Cosmic Energy Treatments literally wiped out the Illigans from my body. My life now, free from this nightmare, is beautiful. I live my every day full of joy, without fear and insecurity about when I will lose ground again under my feet! Thank you Mary Markou.

Geogria S., Optitian

Cosmic Energy, a method of treatment used by Mary Markou, was an incredible experience for me. After the first session, amazing things started happening, one after the other. I have to admit that the sessions helped me regain my self-confidence, improve mentally and professionally to such an extent that I feel I can achieve my dreams. And that’s exactly what happened. I would advise everyone to do energy sessions so that they can fulfill their dreams. My experience was so strong that I wanted to cry for happiness, which was rather strange, as I was never used to crying or expressing my feelings. Now, I feel different, in a way, my real self. I can live my feelings. This is all Mary’s work!

Grigoris G., TV Producer

How I overcame the pain in my neck and back. I first encountered Cosmic Energy Healing two and a half years ago. At that time I was going through a difficult time, both physically and mentally, and a good friend of mine suggested it. I started the treatments without expecting much. This was a misconception. I felt the first signs of recovery very soon. For the last ten years, I have been suffering from neck and back pain resulting in frequent and severe headaches. Of course, I managed to improve in just ten days. I also felt that I benefited psychologically, as the healing process helps you see your weaknesses in a much clearer light and therefore you are able to work on them more constructively. You are given a different perspective on things that allow you to help yourself. if you really want it. I confess that when I first started the sessions I was quite hesitant, still negative. Cosmic energy healing has helped me a lot. It made me realize the magnitude of the power within me (and in each of us, of course). It is a terrible “weapon” that can stimulate love and motivate us to live the lives we deserve. I highly recommend it! My testimony would not be complete without mentioning my therapist, Mary Markou, to whom I owe a lot and I highly recommend it.

A.B., Hotel Owner

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