My Little Story

In April 2005, I already had a very good career in the media, and I felt very happy about it. My personal life may have left me deeply hurt after a difficult separation, from a man with whom I had the impression I would spend the rest of my life, but at least my work was going well. With this consoling thought, I tried to brush off my grief and pretend that everything was more than well.

It was about 9 o’clock in the morning and I had just made myself a cup of coffee (at this point I was still drinking coffee and smoking) while I was getting ready to start my daily tour of the recording studios in Athens. I opened my daily planner to check my schedule: First, a voice over for Cosmopolitan magazine at 10.30 am.

I lit a cigarette and leaned over the coffee table, reaching out to the coffee cup to have a sip… but oh! I could not straighten back up. I was stuck at that point. I have never been in pain in my whole life, how could my waist be killing me right then, for no apparent reason?

I told myself it was something random and I took off to work. But, as time went on, the pain got worse. Every time I took a breath, I was in agony. I could not say a word. When I arrived at the studio, the sound engineer realized that something was wrong with me and started asking questions.

‘Do you understand,’ he told me, ‘that you can’t record anything like this?’

‘No way!’ I told him with a fair amount of sarcasm. ‘You don’t say? Do you think I can do anything about it?’

‘But I can. Come over here!’

‘I hope you won’t try to give me a massage and make things worse,’ I said, but I left the recording booth.

George asked me to stand in front of him, with my back turned. Then he put his palm exactly at the height of my aching lower back, but he did not touch me. His hand was about ten inches away and suddenly I started to feel a sweet and strong heat.

I was speechless. I realized that, at that moment, I was experiencing something that could change my life. Could people in pain be truly cured that effortlessly and that simply? I thought. This process did not take more than 3-4 minutes. In 10 -15 minutes, I was no longer in pain.

Markou small

My joy and surprise were huge! I had one of my best voice-over recording sessions and, when I finished, I ran to George.

‘Tell me everything! What did you do to me?’ George, the sound engineer, had in his hands an amazing secret of healing and I had no idea of ​​the existence of such a wonderful, and one could say even miraculous, method.

‘It was Reiki,’ he revealed to me.

‘Reiki? What is this? Can I learn about it or is it just for crazy sound engineers? Is it difficult? How much does it cost? Do you have anything I can read about it?’ He answered all my questions and lent me books about it. Even though I could not make head or tails of what I read!

In less than a month, I got my First Degree in Reiki and the journey began! From the beginning, I delved deep into the subject. I realized that everything I knew up until then had been overturned. In fact, what I was now learning was the truth had ALWAYS been there, only I, along with billions of people, was unaware of it. We pretend to be smart; we pretend to understand almost everything. I must admit that my shock was huge!

And now? What would I do? How would I arrange all this inside me? What would happen to the people around me? What would I become? Would I lose my friends? Would I lose my job? Would I talk about it and then everybody would think I am crazy? And wasn’t I being a little crazy?

After all, didn’t other people believe different things about life and its outcome? It was not long before I learned Einstein’s view of madness: A madman is not someone who disagrees with everybody, but someone who constantly does one thing in the same way and waits to get a different result! Thank goodness! I was relieved to find that out even if it was much later!

Even from the first degree in Reiki I started treating people. This and my endless spiritual search (meditations, spiritual groups, research and studying) brought me very quickly to the Second Degree, but also to the decision that maybe this was the path to follow in my life.

The idea that humans are made up of two parts started to develop in my mind. The physical body (flesh and bones) but also its energy part (chakra and aura). These two are interconnected and are separated only by the natural departure of someone from the planet.

The physical body is of course what we see and know with its specific biological functions. The energy body, however, is the place where all the information concerning our existence is recorded. The two work together like a perfect computer, exchanging information every second. As it turns out, the cause of what is happening in our physical and spiritual world is hidden in our energy field. So, if we want to change something, we just have to intervene there.

He explained that he had performed Reiki on me and I bombarded him with questions:
“What is it exactly?”
“Can I learn how it’s done?”
“Do you have any information on it?”
George patiently answered my questions and suggested some reading material.
Well, in less than a month I had got my First Degree in Reiki and the journey had begun!
From the very beginning I was in deep. I realized that everything I had known so far had been turned upside down.
In reality, what I was learning about had always existed, but I, just like billions of other people, was not aware of it.

I thought that I was so clever that I knew all there was to know.
I can tell you I had been shaken to the very core!

I remember mulling over so many things at that time – my mind had been racing:
“Now what?
What should I do?
How could I come to terms with my new knowledge and how it made me feel?
Would I lose my friends?
Would I lose my job?
Would everyone think I had gone insane?
Perhaps, I had …. a little … since others held a very different worldview from mine.”

It was actually much later that I learned of Einstein’s view of madness. That insanity is not defined as: the one who disagrees with the many, but “the one who does the same thing over and over again expecting to achieve different results.” I cannot tell you how relieved I was to learn this – better late than never!

On my attaining 1st degree Reiki, I was then able to start using my knowledge for therapizing people. This, coupled with the total and constant involvement in the search within (i.e. meditation, spiritual groups, research and study), not only soon led me to achieve the 2nd Degree, but also to the conclusion that maybe this was my real path in life.

I now accepted that humans are made up of two parts -our physical body (i.e. flesh and bone), and our energy body (i.e. chakra and aura) which are interdependent/interconnected and are separated only at death.

Our physical body is, of course, visible and that which we are aware of with its specific biological functions whereas, our energy body is the place where all the information about our very existence is recorded.

They work together like a perfect computer, exchanging information every second.
It transpires that the cause of what happens in our natural and spiritual world is hidden in our energy field. Therefore, if we want to change something, all we need to do is intervene there.

istoria mou markou

I once read, ‘when something happens to me, it is not something I have to do, but something I have to learn.’ I swiftly looked for new methods, which would be more dynamic, simpler, faster and more efficient.

After I got the Second Degree in Reiki and after I had worked with several people but also with myself, I started to find the system a bit hard during the period that gave healing crises and a bit slow, in relation to the realizations that at least I, I wanted to do.

After a month, I decided to apply Feng Shui to my home for the first time. A friend of mine introduced me to a girl from Serbia who I was told was very good. Very soon, a thin beautiful blonde changed the entire layout of my house.

‘So, you are a Reiki healer,’ she said, and pointed to my degree.

‘Basically, I do voice overs for TV and radio ads,’ I said, not wanting to talk too much about my professional ability. ‘I do Reiki only as an amateur.’

‘As for myself, I am a professional practitioner of an energy method called Cosmic Energy Healing. If you want, you are welcome to my place to give it a try.’

‘I’d better not,’ I answered her. ‘I’d rather not get involved with many things at the same time… but after about two weeks I was rocking under the force of cosmic frequencies at her place, along with five or six other people! That was it! I had found my new passion.

A new journey was beginning for me! I immediately began my studies.

Things here were not as simple as in Reiki, it required studying and a lot of practice. This system has its roots in Tibet, but after it was further developed in Russia, it evolved in a new science based on quantum physics.

So, I chose a Russian teacher and began to delve into the higher spiritual worlds, the hierarchical systems, the energy-information exchange, the quanta, and many other truly wonderful works of the Universe. It was then that a new need was born.

All was well with Cosmic Energy Healing, as an applicable process, but what about those who wanted to learn the method? Greece is a small country with many limitations, but the method itself is great and has great potential, like an unruly horse that wants to gallop in open spaces.

‘Ask and it will be given to you.’

Now I knew exactly what I had to do.

‘How can I make sure.’ I said to the universe, ‘that there are no obstacles in applying and imparting the knowledge of this energy technique?’

The United Kingdom provided the solution. Britain is a country with extensive knowledge and experience in alternative medicine. The value and usefulness of the method was immediately recognized, and I was accepted as a resident, and also as an energy therapist, giving me the opportunity to be recognized as a full member of the British Complimentary Medicine Association (BCMA).

Another new journey had begun again.

For the time, I shall ask to be able to freely apply the method to the people who need it, teach continuously and give plenty of lectures in many places, so that it can spread as far as possible …  And finally, many, many trips with loved ones on our beautiful planet.


I once read: “When something happens, it is not about what we have to do, but what we have to learn from it.” So, I quickly set about looking for new methods which were simpler and yet more powerful, more efficient and expatiate.

After I had got the 2nd Degree in Reiki and after having applied it to quite a few people, including myself, I began to find the system somewhat harsh in therapy and somewhat slow in relation to the awareness that I wished to achieve.

A month later, I decided to try Feng Shui at home. A friend of mine had highly recommended a girl from Serbia to do this for me and quite soon this tall beautiful blonde had changed all the décor in my home.

“- So, you are Reiki therapist.” She said pointing at my certificate.

“- Actually, I work in the media doing voice-overs in TV and radio ads.” I answered – not really wanting to talk about my status – “I am an amateur.”

“Well, I am a professional.
I practice an energy art called Cosmic-Energy Therapy. Why don’t you come down and try it?” She told me.
Well, I had originally responded with that I preferred not to have too many irons in the fire … but, no more than a fortnight later, 5-6 people including myself were under the power of cosmic frequencies at her place!
And that was that!

My new journey had begun!

I immediately set about studying it.

It was not as simple for me as learning Reiki had been, this required much study and practice. This system has its roots in Tibet, but after having been for a long time in the hands of the Russians, it had been transformed into a new science based on quantum physics.

Hence, I chose a Russian teacher and began to study the higher subtle spiritual world, the hierarchical systems, the exchange of energy-information, quanta and a great deal about the truly miraculous works of the Universe.

It was then that a new need was born.

When it came to Cosmic-energy as an application all was well and good, but what about those who wanted to learn the method?
Greece is a small place with more than a few restrictions, but the method by its nature is extremely powerful and like an untamed horse it wants to roam freely.

“Ask and you shall be given.”
I knew exactly what I had to do.
I just asked the universe for there to be no obstacle in the implementation and dissemination of this energy technique.

The UK provided the solution.

The UK, where the value and utility of the method had immediately been acknowledged, has a great deal of knowledge and experience in alternative therapies.
I was accepted in the UK as both a resident and energy therapist, giving me the opportunity to be recognized as a Full Member of the BCMA.

And so, the journey continues …
For the moment, I seek to apply the method to whoever needs it, teach and lecture in as many places as possible, so that people all over can learn of it, and of course, to travel with my loved ones as often as possible throughout our beautiful planet.

Mary Markou

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Client Testimonials

Hello. In the spring of 2008 I met Mary Markou, Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing and the method of Cosmic Energy Therapy. Fortunately for me. I say happy because, at some point, my health was shaken by very severe Illing crisis. I suffered for two whole years. Tragic !!! The doctors’ opinion: After they didn’t find out where he came from, they told me that now I “married” them (the vertigo). The treatment: Very strong drugs, prescribed only by a psychiatrist. I also warmly thank Mary Markou from my soul, who with the Cosmic Energy Treatments literally wiped out the Illigans from my body. My life now, free from this nightmare, is beautiful. I live my every day full of joy, without fear and insecurity about when I will lose ground again under my feet! Thank you Mary Markou.

Geogria S., Optitian

Cosmic Energy, a method of treatment used by Mary Markou, was an incredible experience for me. After the first session, amazing things started happening, one after the other. I have to admit that the sessions helped me regain my self-confidence, improve mentally and professionally to such an extent that I feel I can achieve my dreams. And that’s exactly what happened. I would advise everyone to do energy sessions so that they can fulfill their dreams. My experience was so strong that I wanted to cry for happiness, which was rather strange, as I was never used to crying or expressing my feelings. Now, I feel different, in a way, my real self. I can live my feelings. This is all Mary’s work!

Grigoris G., TV Producer

How I overcame the pain in my neck and back. I first encountered Cosmic Energy Healing two and a half years ago. At that time I was going through a difficult time, both physically and mentally, and a good friend of mine suggested it. I started the treatments without expecting much. This was a misconception. I felt the first signs of recovery very soon. For the last ten years, I have been suffering from neck and back pain resulting in frequent and severe headaches. Of course, I managed to improve in just ten days. I also felt that I benefited psychologically, as the healing process helps you see your weaknesses in a much clearer light and therefore you are able to work on them more constructively. You are given a different perspective on things that allow you to help yourself. if you really want it. I confess that when I first started the sessions I was quite hesitant, still negative. Cosmic energy healing has helped me a lot. It made me realize the magnitude of the power within me (and in each of us, of course). It is a terrible “weapon” that can stimulate love and motivate us to live the lives we deserve. I highly recommend it! My testimony would not be complete without mentioning my therapist, Mary Markou, to whom I owe a lot and I highly recommend it.

A.B., Hotel Owner

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