People can’t change their lives because they are unaware of the obstacles they face. What really holds them chained to repeating a lifestyle they don’t want is their beliefs.

However, most of them don’t know what beliefs stand for, how they were created, how they might be impeding them or how they might benefit from them. The main thing that people don’t perceive is that …they prefer ignorance. This is their alibi, to be able to move between the parts of the perpetrator and the victim according to the season and their petty personal interest.

There are seven billion people on our planet and five of them would gladly attack you in case you decided to talk to them about simple objective truths. So, the most prominent reason of this endless cycle of repetition, of deficiency, of pain, of poverty, of disease, and of every negative feeling is the preservation and continuation of illusion and drama.


Mary Markou

Energy Alignment Therapist

Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing.

Full member of BCMA, UK 🇬🇧