I was once talking to a student about the case of a client who had troubled me a lot. I confided to her that I have worked very hard on that lady. Despite the fact that she had made tremendous advances on many issues, she occasionally acted as if she was completely stupid, even though her strength, development and many of her actions showed a serious, honorable and measured person.

“I do not know what to do, I told her. She goes up to one point and then she falls into a gap that prevents her from seeing clearly and moving forward.

Then the student with incredible simplicity replied: “It is natural for her to have this stagnation. Do not forget that she is missing two organs. What do you expect her to do? Have clarity all the time? »

 Well, yes. My student was absolutely right.

 Human intelligence is highly dependent on the condition of the various organs of the body, such as the liver, the stomach, the intestines, etc. If not all cells do their job properly, their ability of the person to think and judge is affected: No matter how much she reads or studies, all of her thoughts will be shaded and deformed by the malfunctioning of her organs.


Even those who are considered to be great thinkers and philosophers have repeatedly been wrong, because of the defective condition of the cells of some of their organs that hindered their mental activity! Failure of the liver, stomach, intestine, and pancreas creates obstacles in the brain that even the smartest person cannot overcome.

But how do we overcome these obstacles?

1. By doing quite frequent sessions using the Cosmo-Energy Therapy method. The frequencies we use are really catalytic. The way they heal is through new and healthy information that enters into our energy and physical body. Even if an organ is missing, the appropriate frequencies are brought to the body as if it is still there, and they instruct the brain to function as it did before the person got ill.

2. By exercising. Simple exercises, mostly stretching, opening and fast walking. Breathing and nutrition exercises (fasting, alkalization of the body) are intended to improve the condition of our cells in order to expand and improve our ability to perceive and understand.

3. By observing whether your thoughts on a topic worked and helped to make your living better and easier.

4. By not paying too much attention to the opinion of others, because who knows in what state their mind and their organs are.

5. It has been observed that almost everything, in principle, resists change. You just make sure to welcome and follow it.

Mary Markou