You should try to take time, the one which will always slip away, into your own hands…

The only proof you have from the previous week is your memory. But memory originates from a stable neuron structure in your brain now. The only proof people have from the Earth’s past is rocks and fossils. There is no

clock to measure time for the universe. In quantum mechanics, all the matter and energy particles are waves. And waves have an unusual ability: an infinite number of them can exist at the same spot. If time and space is a day that appears to consist of quantums, then they could accumulate together in a single dimensionless spot. The separation between the past, the present, and the future is a persistent illusion. Physics professor Thomas Campbell claims that all people live in a matrix. In a videogame. One’s perception of time, space and the senses, through which people become aware of their existence, consists of a repeated sequence of code programs. These programs run on a loop by following this mathematical equation: dt=10⁻⁴⁴. From the moment people understand that they actually live within a three-dimensional illusion, then they might comprehend that they play parts in a film. Thus, they are free to change the script according to their wishes. And they can do it Now! You are the greatest source of creativity. Live your life with yourself as the lead character Now! The best day is today! Enjoy it!

Mary Markou