The stronger our spleen is, the more food we eat can be absorbed and utilized. So how do we strengthen and maintain it?

• On a physical level, the spleen tends to stretch. Stretching softens the restrictions of our soft tissues and carry a more relaxed tone to our organs and limbs.
• On a mental level, the abuse of our mental powers, such as prolonged periods of study, tasks that require long hours of a sedentary lifestyle and information processing, or even the habit of worrying over our problems, can weaken our spleen. It is important to balance mental work with fresh air and exercise. Emotionally, we can explore and honour our needs.
• Nutritionally, we strengthen the spleen by chewing food well and stopping eating shortly before we feel full, and, also, by consuming our main meal early and not late at night.

Also, the spleen is averse to consuming too much water with a meal. A small amount of some hot liquid can be helpful, but too much water weakens spleen activity and impairs digestion. Too much raw or cold food also weakens the spleen. The digestive process requires heat.

Mary Markou
Energy Alignment Therapist
Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing
& Business Mentoring
Full member of British Complimentary Medicine Association