Almost every day, I come in contact with guilt-ridden parents whose offspring aren’t doing very well in their life and these children blame them for their problems.
I can assure you that you AREN’T to blame. Your child chose you the way you are, so that they could surpass what they were before they were born. So that through this incarnation and through conflict that occurs between you, they may see all the failings you symbolize and become better!
Let’s put an end to this poisonous drama. This is what parents allow to happen through their stance. The give their children the chance to surpass themselves, since they are called to overcome their traumas. The thing that puts obstacles in this evolution is mainly the children themselves, because instead of fully assuming the responsibility for their own lives, they get stuck going in circles waiting for their parents to ‘change’… Only then will they be free to be happy, as well.
I would advise parents that they should change a few things in their characters, if they are able to. This is also a sort of progress.
If they can’t, then it’s absolutely fine if they continue the way they are.
But, I would advise children that, as long as they don’t embrace their present with love, wisdom, and maturity, and make all the necessary changes, then they won’t be able to have a future. As long as they are eager for vengeance that they actually call restoration, it’s certain that they will have to keep ‘poisoning’ themselves and get all the expected consequences.
All of you must realize that if the old forest doesn’t get burnt, no new trees will be able to growth up.


Mary Markou
Energy Alignment Therapist
Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing
Full member of BCMA, UK🇬🇧