Why do you feel unwell?  Is it because you remembered something from the past?  And what importance do these stories hold today?

What is important is that TODAY you have to decide to leave all this behind you and organize your life in your own way! And why are you afraid of your anger?  Don’t you have the right to be angry with the things that cause you to be upset?

Every time you see something that really bothered you once, just make sure not to let it happen again.  Throw out of your life anyone that doesn’t fill you with security and joy!

The most possible reason why you would wish to keep next to you someone that has hurt you, offended you, or wronged you, is because you want to have the opportunity to get revenge on that person!

Once you leave this need behind you, then you may be able to let some of them back in your life and have a new relationship with them, sprinkled with the glitter of love.


Mary Markou

Energy Alignment Therapist

Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing.

Full member of BCMA, UK 🇬🇧