There is a philosophy that is spreading like a weed. It can be called the philosophy of ‘acceptance’. It says: ‘Accept your friends the way they are and love them. Accept your parents as they are and love them. Accept yourself the way you are. Accept your children like they are and love them.’

It is a fact that accepting people and things as they are would have held us back in prehistoric conditions, when a human could do anything and be accepted.

Acceptance implies delay, prevents the lessening of one’s intellect and analytical powers and doesn’t contribute to progress. Universal acceptance means an absence of vision, a lack of attempts for more beauty, kindness and truth, and it leads humans to a lifestyle where they follow their urges and impulses with no thought for any consequences.

Only through non-acceptance do things improve.

You truly accept people when you see a progressive evolution and steady efforts in them, when you see their constant dedication to the improvement of their life conditions, and when you see an increasing sense of obligation to offer themselves to the common good. Such kind of acceptance means that you encourage them to improve their lives and society’s life.

-Torkom Saraydarian