A major source of depression starts from the brain.  If the brain is tired, you will have continuous problems leading you into depression.  The brain needs rest, rest from the conversations of others, from various kinds of sound and light.

Cyclic rest in darkness, in the mountains and deserts helps your brain recover.  Often you must give up reading, watching television, or listening to the radio.This will bring great relief to your brain.

Your nose also sends very potent impressions to your brain.  You must stay away from certain odors and the smell of chemicals and gases which often injure the brain and prepare it for depression.

If your office or home is in a state of chaos and things are not in order then you pressure your brain to follow an order through the chaos.  This contributes to the fatigue of your brain.  Orderliness is a great help to your sanity and joy.

Torkom Saraydarian
New Dimensions in Healing