Cosmic Energy Healing Master Training – Master Level 5


Duration of training: 4 days (consecutive) and a total of 28 hours.
Tuning into 6 Energy frequencies.
Energy Healing Frequencies (Channels) – MASTER LEVEL 5
Saint Jesus, Saint Mohamet, Louli, Ratha, Moonlight, Do, Bon, Houta.
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Duration of training: 4 days (consecutive) and a total of 28 hours.
Energy Healing Frequencies (channels) – Master level 5
Saint Jesus: lowers temperature • helps in the treatment of joints, throat (such as laryngitis), colds; • regulates blood pressure (hypertonia, hypotonia and neurovegetative dystonia (NVD)).
Saint Mohamet:
  • Helps in the treatment of allergies;
  • Heals wounds;
  • Eliminates moles, lipids, unwanted hair; and regulates the hormonal axis.


  • Helps in treatment on diagnosed schizophrenia
  • Only handled by a very experienced healer
Ratha: it is opened very rarely and only as self- defence – e.g. life at risk
Moonlight: works as an anaesthetic of wounds, toothache, on all types of pain other than abdominal
  • Purely Information channel pack
  • The channel for astral plane travel during sleep
  • Flatulence
  • Developing of the ability to levitate;
  • Treats severely ill, bedridden patients, legs, recent strokes. if the stroke took place over 6 months prior, then an experienced and strong physiotherapist is required;
  • Ppens at the end of the session with the energy body closed
  • Used for the monitoring of the healing process/ recovery
  • Rarely activated and only when progress is impossible
  • Acts automatically and stops only when its work is complete
Certificate: Upon completion, a certificate is issued and signed by The Cosmic Energy Healing Ltd.
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