Cosmic Energy Healing Basic Training – Level 2


Basic Cosmic Energy Healing Course – Level 2

Duration of training: 3 days (consecutive) and a total of 24 hours.

Energy Healing Frequencies (Channels) LEVEL 2

Saon , Anael, Mama

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Duration of training: 3 days (consecutive) and a total of 24 hours.


Upon completion of Level 2 training, the trainee can use all the frequencies which they have been tuned into immediately either to solve their issues or those of family and friends. At this point their knowledge is sufficient to practice the method professionally after having completed the supervision process set by the faculty. Until then, the method can only be applied on a personal / amateur level. Should the trainee choose to practice professionally, all the healing applications of the method are supervised by an Under-Supervision Member until they complete their basic level 3 training and become a Full Member.


Cosmic Energy Healing Frequencies (Channels) LEVEL 2


Saon: It is efficacious in:

  • extracting salts, stones, sand from the kidneys and the gallbladder
  • cleaning the liver, the colon of the meridians and the nadis
  • in the treatment of gynaecological diseases, urological problems, all diseases of the colon (even in the case of cancer)
  • able to purify the energy of all the higher/upper chakras (7th to 5th)
  • and heal all the lower chakras (3rd to 1st)

• harmonizes

  • the energy of love, virtuousness and creation
  • applied to aggressive and antisocial people
  • solves the karmic issues associated with the heart chakra
  • prevents and ends disputes
  • conducive to a positive atmosphere
  • can also be used to create a positive atmosphere in all our encounters and situations
  • brings us and others protection from heaven


Mama • deep Cleanses

  • frees one from any kind of stress, nervous crises or conditions
  • collects and removes energy dirt, removes the malevolent/ bad eye from one
  • used for aggressive individuals who have psychosis
  • Frees one from attachments to the invisible negative world.
  • & used in the treatment of bedridden patients

: Upon completion, a certificate is issued and signed by The Cosmic Energy Healing Ltd.

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