3 – 8 Persons, One on One 6 Sessions Package


The sessions are conducted in groups and take place in close proximity.
Duration: 2 hours


These sessions are conducted in groups and from close proximity.


Duration – 2 hrs.


There are 3 parts


In the first part the participants tell the therapist about the issues that concern them.

On the basis of the information given to her, Mary mentally supports people, and plans the energy session according to the needs that arise for everyone.


Duration 45 mins


Second part: Energy balancing session with the Cosmic Energy Healing method.


In this part the recipients are at home and sit comfortably listening to relaxing music.

They receive the appropriate electromagnetic frequencies related to their issues.


How does this work?

Photons are unaware of material constraints such as walls and distances. Dependent on where/om whom you direct them, they can work for one or for many.

Sessions are all conducted according to the laws of quantum physics.


Duration 45 minutes.


Part three – Participants talk about their experience, impressions and everything they felt during the practical application of the method.


Duration: 30 minutes.


Due to a limited number of places, it is prerequisite before any purchase to Contact Mary to make an appointment.

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