Online 3 – 8 persons Group 6 Sessions Package


Group Session – 3 to 8 people – over Skype

Duration is 2 hours.


Group Session – 3 to 8 people – over skype
Its duration is 2 hours.

It is divided into three parts.

First part: The participants inform the healer about matters that concern them.
Mary, based on the information transferred to her, supports the participants spiritually, while every time she plans the energy session according to the specific needs that arise.
Its duration is 45 minutes.

Second part: Energy balancing session, using the «Cosmic Energy Healing” method
Its duration is 45 minutes.

Third part: The participants talk about the experience they had, their thoughts and everything they felt during the practical application of the method.
Its duration is 30 minutes

Please contact Mary Markou, in order to set your appointment

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