3 – 8 persons Group One on One


Group 3 – 8 persons, in close proximity (price per person)
The session is grouped and conducted in close proximity.
The session’s duration is 2 hours.

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The session is group-based and is conducted closely.

Duration: 2 hours.


This sessions is divided into three parts:


Part 1

The participants inform the therapist about the issues that concern them. Then, Mary, based on the information she receives, mentally supports the individual, and each time she designs the energy session according to the needs that arise for each person.

Duration: 45 minutes.


Part Two

Energy Balancing Session with the Method, “Cosmetic Therapeutics”. In this part, the receivers sit comfortably listening to relaxing music and accept the appropriate electromagnetic frequencies that matter to them.

How is this done?

Photons have no material limitations or are limited by the number of atoms. Depending on the direction you give them, they can work for one or many. Sessions are all conducted under the laws and rules of quantum physics.


Part Three

Participants talk about their experience, impressions, and everything they felt during the practical application of the method.

Duration: 30 minutes.


Due to the limited number of seats: A prerequisite before any purchase is to contact Mary to schedule your appointments via

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