Personality disorder is an official psychology term.  There are many kinds of disorders.  We could, however, summarize the subject by saying that, in general, a disorder can be called anything that deviates from the unaltered and healthy view and recognition of what you are as a whole being in an automatic and natural way.

That is the impossibility of convergence and recognition of your wholeness, both of your spiritual and physical role as a single existence with an interdependence of information about the Ego.  In order to make myself better understood, let me use those young girls who have unbelievable plastic surgery done on their body and face as an example.  Those girls with the big inflated lips that look like alien beings.  The point here is that they don’t realize at all that they butcher their soul and their self-perception along with their body.

This issue appears to be somewhat connected to the immaturity of the lymphatic system and its inability to adequately manage the emotional data. The fact that the person who suffers from the disorder is unaware of it is also completely normal. If someone realized it, they would do something to set it to rights and not advertise it.

Another issue comes to be involved here. For the reason that the boundaries between disorder, otherness, and societal acceptance are not always clearly defined, society often hurts these persons and itself even more, instead of protecting them, with its excessive tolerance and misconceived democracy.

If you can’t understand how, I will give you an extreme example. A plastic surgeon that doesn’t refuse to perform an irrational procedure that distorts the face or the body of a relatively pretty young girl, exacerbates not only her own, but society’s problems as well. Through this act, unhealthy ideals are projected and even more girls at the brink of slipping towards this disorder are encouraged to follow the same path. This is only a small example out of dozens of incidents that find fertile ground and grow unchecked after being fed with excuses of self-determination, personal freedom, democracy, progress, etc.

In modern society, there are many groups of people with personality disorders that move among us, torturing the remaining healthy population, trying to convince these people that they are the ones who are old-fashioned and narrow-minded. This is perhaps the most dangerous phenomenon of degeneration of the human species. A phenomenon that may lead to entropy and ultimately to extinction. When nature gets violated and the flow, function, harmony, matter, and purpose disappear, then something worse than chaos occurs. Nihilism.


Mary Markou

Energy Alignment Therapist

Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing.

Full member of BCMA, UK 🇬🇧