About Pavlina

When I graduated from high school in 2005, I was already convinced that what would make me really happy would be dealing with the human soul and healing it from anything that prevented people from living a beautiful and balanced life.

My journey started in London, where I got my first degree in Psychology from Roehmapton University of London, UK. In 2009, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in Los Angeles and specialize in Child Psychology and Trauma Therapy. This decision was decisive since it was there that I first met Mary Markou, Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing, and now my teacher.

When I returned to Cyprus in 2014, I started working privately as a Psychotherapist and Child Psychologist. My training from an American university and my training in various methods such as the Tomatis Method, Trauma-Focused CBT, Play Therapy, etc., helped me to quickly become well-known in my field. I handled difficult cases that were very difficult to treat, even with all my knowledge and ‘tools’.

Until Mrs. Markou and Cosmic Energy Healing re-entered my life in 2015 and everything changed. After the experience of not only myself, but also people from my social circle, with the method and its obvious results, I decide to follow the path of Energy Therapy that was unknown to me until then. I am now a member of Cosmic Energy Healing Ltd with studies up to Level 3. Enthusiastic, optimistic, affectionate and committed to facilitating change, my goal as a professional is to help people develop their potential, to change unwanted behaviours, to face the challenges of life and finally reach self-realization.

Paulina, Limassol, Cyprus

Level 3

Services: Face-to-face & Skype

Languages: English & Greek

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