About Ioulia

Hello. My name is Ioulia.

I am a yoga teacher for adults and children, as well as people with special needs. I love yoga and I follow the yogi lifestyle. My love for animals made me a vegetarian since I was a child and nine years ago, I became a vegan. I have a deep empathy and understanding of ‘wholeness’.

The spiritual search started for me at a young age, and I obtained various alternative therapy diplomas to be able to help myself and the people around me. For several years I was a therapist and teacher of Reiki. But my restless spirit and passion for continuous learning brought me to the path of | Cosmic Energy Healing.

This happened when I first met Tutor Mary Markou during a healing session. This experience led me to pursue studying Cosmic Energy Healing, realizing that I would gain a complete knowledge on spiritual and scientific issues at the same time.

Panagiota Ioulia

I work in Acropolis, Nicosia, Cyprus /

Level of Studies: Level 2.

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