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Now you can choose your personal therapist. As Mary’s time is limited and, in order to meet your needs, we have created for you a department of certified therapists, ready to respond to your call, wherever you are, and whatever your financial means are.

All our therapists are trained and certified by Mary Markou, Tutor and Director of Studies at The Cosmic Energy Healing LTD, London. You will find a photo, resume, level of study and fees, according to each therapist’s level of studies (LEVEL 1, 2, 3 – MASTER LEVEL 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, – MASTER)

AngelinaAthens, Greece
Level 3 | Cosmic Energy Healer
GeorgiaChania Crete, Greece
Level 3 | Cosmic Energy Healer
ClaireChania Crete, Greece
Level 3 | Cosmic Energy Healer
PavlinaLimassol, Cyprus
Level 3 | Cosmic Energy Healer
TheklaPera Village, Nicosia, Cyprus
Level 2 | Cosmic Energy Healer
DoraLimassol, Cyprus
Level 3 | Cosmic Energy Healer
IouliaLimassol, Cyprus
Level 2 | Cosmic Energy Healer
ElenaLimassol, Cyprus
Level 2 | Cosmic Energy Healer


  1. Price are per person.
  2. The sessions are done via Skype or at the therapist’s professional space, if this is possible. Our therapists are located in Limassol and Nicosia, Cyprus. In Athens, Thessaloniki and Chania, Greece. In Los Angeles, USA. In London and Edinburgh, UK.
  3. Sessions are conducted in Greek & English.
  4. A Pre-consultation with your personal therapist and prepayment before your session is required. A complete course of Cosmic Energy Healing consists of 12 sessions and its duration is around one to two months. However, you can choose the number of conferences with which you are comfortable doing. No matter if they are less or much more than 12.

Training Sessions with Mary

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Client Testimonials

Hello. In the spring of 2008 I met Mary Markou, Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing and the method of Cosmic Energy Therapy. Fortunately for me. I say happy because, at some point, my health was shaken by very severe Illing crisis. I suffered for two whole years. Tragic !!! The doctors’ opinion: After they didn’t find out where he came from, they told me that now I “married” them (the vertigo). The treatment: Very strong drugs, prescribed only by a psychiatrist. I also warmly thank Mary Markou from my soul, who with the Cosmic Energy Treatments literally wiped out the Illigans from my body. My life now, free from this nightmare, is beautiful. I live my every day full of joy, without fear and insecurity about when I will lose ground again under my feet! Thank you Mary Markou.

Geogria S., Optitian

Cosmic Energy, a method of treatment used by Mary Markou, was an incredible experience for me. After the first session, amazing things started happening, one after the other. I have to admit that the sessions helped me regain my self-confidence, improve mentally and professionally to such an extent that I feel I can achieve my dreams. And that’s exactly what happened. I would advise everyone to do energy sessions so that they can fulfill their dreams. My experience was so strong that I wanted to cry for happiness, which was rather strange, as I was never used to crying or expressing my feelings. Now, I feel different, in a way, my real self. I can live my feelings. This is all Mary’s work!

Grigoris G., TV Producer

How I overcame the pain in my neck and back. I first encountered Cosmic Energy Healing two and a half years ago. At that time I was going through a difficult time, both physically and mentally, and a good friend of mine suggested it. I started the treatments without expecting much. This was a misconception. I felt the first signs of recovery very soon. For the last ten years, I have been suffering from neck and back pain resulting in frequent and severe headaches. Of course, I managed to improve in just ten days. I also felt that I benefited psychologically, as the healing process helps you see your weaknesses in a much clearer light and therefore you are able to work on them more constructively. You are given a different perspective on things that allow you to help yourself. if you really want it. I confess that when I first started the sessions I was quite hesitant, still negative. Cosmic energy healing has helped me a lot. It made me realize the magnitude of the power within me (and in each of us, of course). It is a terrible “weapon” that can stimulate love and motivate us to live the lives we deserve. I highly recommend it! My testimony would not be complete without mentioning my therapist, Mary Markou, to whom I owe a lot and I highly recommend it.

A.B., Hotel Owner

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