Another cause of sickness is malice. Malice attracts dark forces and opens the gates for them to attack various organs. Malice breaks the shield of the aura and creates ulcers in the etheric, astral, and mental substance. This attracts various forces and leads them to the physical body. Many obsessions take place through such cracks.

Malice also produces a poisonous gas which suffocates the living atoms of the aura and spreads out to harm the target of the attacker.

Malice creates organic and psychosomatic disorders, weakens the whole organism, and makes it prey to destructive forces.

The effects of malice can be eliminated by expressing goodwill and benevolent thoughts, which cure the body and establish harmony and equilibrium.

Malice is a very sneaky actor. It hides in the most unimaginable forms of expression and in the most beautiful garments. Malice opens the gates for infectious diseases.

People are of the opinion that microbes and germs exist only on the physical plane. In reality, there are emotional and mental germs and microbes, but the activities of the emotional and mental germs spread as if blown by the wind. Malicious people spread these germs and microbes, broadcasting them all over the globe.

Malice must be eliminated from our lives as the most poisonous element because the consequences of malice require many incarnations to be cured.

-Torkom Saraydarian