When they ask me about the nature of Cosmic Energy Healing, I normally want to answer that it is a great, intangible, healing, synchronistic method of extra-terrestrial technology. But I usually tell them something different. The reason is quite obvious.

But, still… Cosmic Energy healing consists of a series of electromagnetically active information frequencies that reach the Earth from space and even from deep space, from the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions.

In other words, beyond the bounds of the holographic Matrix that flourishes on this planet and this particular material solar system. It introduces new data to human life.

You should keep all this in mind, since, in a couple of years, I will return with a similar theme. Then, my greatest wish will be to learn how this new reality is being handled. This new truth that is more
improbable than science fiction!

Mary Markou
Energy Alignment Therapist
Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing & Business Mentoring
Full Member of the British Complimentary Medicine
Association (BCMA)