People never hesitate to blame for everything the most famous and powerful people of the planet, who often play a major part in determining humanity’s way of life.

The famous and the powerful are vilified because they focus on long-term plans for their own gain rather than that of the general population.

They are accused because they envision, organize, and use any supporting material at their disposal to carry out their plans. They are essentially blamed, even if this is easily misunderstood, for their talents, and not for their bad character.

Do you see what preparation and perseverance can do for you? It usually brings good results.

You, with your accusations, negative reactions, and empty words, have you ever really focused intensely, methodically, persistently, uninterruptedly, cooperatively on something that you dreamed of realizing? Even if you did not succeed during the first try? Did you ever keep fighting losing battles until you fell and then stood up again? Did you go against other people’s opinions?

I bet you have never sat down to create a respectable list and stick to it!Still, you wish for self-determination and freedom!

Before you start blaming your enemies for their actions against you, it would be wise to analyze the reasons behind their actions. Perhaps you will discover some very useful information about yourself! And then perhaps you will decide to do something friendlier to yourself that will prove to be very hostile to your enemies!

If you get my meaning……


Mary Markou
Energy Alignment Therapist
Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing
& Business Mentoring
Full member of British Complimentary Medicine Association