1. A Consistent diet plan.
2. Foods that enhance brain function and memory.
3. Full and Balanced meals.

  • Proper Hydration. Dehydration negatively affects brain function. For this reason, we
    make sure to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses daily, under normal conditions.
  • Sleep. There are many people who sacrifice their sleep on the altar of work or having
    fun. Unfortunately, this is far from beneficial for the human body and the brain. The
    brain needs to ‘restart’ and rest to be able to perform effectively. A minimum of 8
    hours of sleep is recommended.
    Physical Activity. A Healthy mind needs a healthy body. Numerous studies have
    proven that exercise contributes to good cognitive function as well as reducing
  • Relaxing activities. As life is particularly stressful for most people, it would be good
    to dedicate some time during the day to activities and hobbies that you enjoy or
    relax you. For example: dancing, painting, learning a musical instrument, taking a
    walk with friends.

Mary Markou
Enegry Alignment Therapist & Author
Full member of BCMA, UK