There are three ways to rivet the masses:
Fear, war and creating a false reality.

We are all familiar with the fear that is exerted by the power centers. During the last fifty or sixty years the main trend was economic intimidation. After the Second World War, a part of Europe realized that war tactics were not in the interest of everyone, so military tactics were applied to other “poor” countries.

Europe together with its new ally, America, targeted other lands of economical and geopolitical interest and when the local leaders refused to surrender at once, a powerful war machine was unleashed in order to close the case.

After 1945 the rapid development of technology offered so many new possibilities that new ideas were born in the minds of the rich and the powerful of the planet.

The main new idea was clearly globalization. But this is wonderful, you will think. It certainly is, if this only meant that people got closer to one another and exchanged in peace the beautifully diverse traits each culture has. But when this is used to simply create bigger markets for some and to increase the number of servants for the few, then it is a prison and a violent imposition.

Let’s do a flashback!

In the early fifties the world was consisted of very strong cultures that had rigid habits in their social and religious behaviors, as well as in their dietary preferences. This was due to the fact that transporting goods over long distances was extremely difficult at the time.
The first test in my opinion was done with the soft drink Coca Cola. By the seventies this product had reached every part of the world, except of course of the socialistic countries of the time.  The test was a complete success.

People with completely different values and habits, of a different religion, social and economic level, drank like maniacs this dark colored broth. This product contains an incredible amount of sugar and has no nutritional value, but at the same time it’s ideal for removing rust!

Everyone felt that drinking this product made them a member of a larger group. Anywhere in the world people felt they had a common culinary reference, as this product was the first and only one that had the same taste worldwide no matter what the season or other conditions were.

Conclusion: with the proper promotion which targets mainly emotional dimensions, you can make humans do almost anything. The revelation was huge! Approximately 80% of the human race has little relation with logical reasoning, true self-interest and no sense of moderation or self-protection.

On this finding, new phenomena and new habits appeared; habits such as drugs, over consumption of wine, indifference to the type and quality of food one consumes, excess consumption of medicines, wasting energy resources and many more foolish and dangerous behaviors.

Religious fanaticism is also a new product that serves the same purpose: manipulating the masses. Following on the footsteps of The Crusades and the rampant proselytizing it was decided nowadays that Muslims would be the ones to do this new “dirty” job.
And yes! Ladies and gentlemen, by living in the absurdity of our times, we will have the chance to observe … The Muslim terrorist! (Applause) – The Muslim refugee! (Applause) –  The Muslim worker! (Applause), and many more new identities we will invent as needed. Stay tuned and mostly stay obedient!

How many people in a movie theater want the movie to end with evil triumphing? Only a few. Maybe not even the 5% of them.
This alone is enough to help us understand that in the core of the human soul there are noble feelings such as justice, equality, freedom, love and balance.
The new allies that will perform the above objectives are all the “good” people that live on this planet.
The big bad wolf is wearing the clothes of Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Riding Hood is forced to wear the wolf’s clothes and automatically the “good” hunter kills the little girl, deeply convinced that he is a hero.

The objective of the wicked ones is to send the “good” person on a guilt trip, making him feel unable to find the right solution the moment the false dilemma appears, and thus crushing him under a mountain of guilt. He can’t think for a moment that the hunter has no business being a hunter: that it is wrong to grab a gun and walk around in the woods; that nobody gave him the right to automatically judge others or intervene in the process of life.

Information overload, confusion, fear, dilemmas, separations and frantic rhythms, disconnected from any sense of moderation or balance.
Contaminated food, infected news, polluted air, infected interpersonal communication, and thus infected ideas plague our societies.
Let me clarify that my personal compass has always been the knowledge of the universal laws and the cosmic flow, going back to philosophy, skepticism, a little geography, a little history and connecting with my emotional intelligence.
From Socrates to Buddha, one thing is taught.
All in good measure, and that wisdom creates balance between the mind and the heart.

People are equal, but they are not the same. Just like the fingers of our hand. This is our salvation, sharing with each other love, healthy thoughts and our talents.
This is also our destruction, when our views and actions “get ill” and they manifest in our reality as obstacles to our happiness, freedom, justice and our wellbeing.

These different behaviors, from a species that is made from the same substance but is on a different spiritual level and thus on a different vibrational level, is what needs to be evaluated and set straight. Very often I am given the impression that a lot of people would be willing to let the murderer go free just because he had a sad story to tell about his childhood.

Whoever believes that globalization is an important factor for the true evolution of humanity, shall find me by his side. But to anyone who believes that this will happen amazingly easy, and in order to confuse the population, adopts outrageous and unsubstantiated tactics of democracy, I will say that he is either ignorant or cunning.

If we all really want to be as one, as indeed we are, since we are made of the same essence, the whole world needs to invest mainly in education, in truth, in free access to information, in health, in equality and in abundance.

Not all people are on the same intellectual level. This is a fact. Let’s be honest. The same way you can’t make a first grade student teach a high school student, the same way you can’t create violent situations in a country, shock the people and then make them flee to other regions of the world. Then everyone is obliged to demonstrate politeness and solidarity.

But forcing this on populations and not letting it be a personal choice of every individual, can create difficult situations. It is a matter of personal choice who you will live with. If it wasn’t’ so, we would be able to coexist with anyone. But this is not what happens in reality. We want to have the right to choose to live with those that we consider compatible.

If the time has come for all of us to live as one, united and happy, I want to be a part of this wonderful project. But if this is happening just because some are trying to convince us of their great democratic actions, then they should start implementing them in their own countries first. Let them be the first ones to abolish borders, traditions, customs and habits, known forms of power, religion, politics and money.

They should put themselves in the service of humanity and in the name of system evolution they should run the experiment.
According to the outcome, the rest of us can then also commit to adopt and implement all the beneficial results of this experiment.
Until then, please stop with the emotional blackmail because many of us don’t buy into this propaganda.

When are faced with such big issues and problems, solidarity should be demonstrated. But there is no need to “buy into” the staged drama. Stay calm, stoic, patient until it is all revealed and the true dimension of this situation comes to light.

It is as if a huge effort is made to make us all feel that since our DNA has traits from all over the world, we have to be tolerant with everyone even if we are different. In my view as an alternative healer, it is obvious that indeed we came from many parts of the world. I believe in reincarnation and thus I do believe that we reincarnate time after time for thousands of years.

In fact, maybe we came here from other planets, in order for our beautiful journey in evolution to have a real meaning. However, the most important life is the one we are living now, because it is the only one we remember, and it has the highest spiritual level we have ever had as individual souls.

So according to this reasoning, it does not matter where we come from but in what situation we are in now. What are our feelings? What are our perceptions? What are our deeds? What are our strengths? What are our dreams?
Today we are Greeks, tomorrow we will be Germans, and the day after Argentines. What is important is the soul and the vigor each person has within a nationality and not the nationality alone.

Therefore, there is no reason to put up with anyone who doesn’t have good intentions towards us, or anyone that doesn’t have a new and positive way of living to propose, a way that is better than the one we already have, or anyone that doesn’t come with clean deeds, just because we share some relatively common origins and just because we are all humans after all. This is so generally speaking.

On the other hand, it is extremely important to protect ourselves with reason and gentleness from anything that comes as a shameless intruder wanting to lessen all that we have accomplished and created through our painful passage through thousands of lives. This would stop us from making the quantum leap in consciousness that the healthy part of humanity has for many years envisioned and orchestrated. Once we understand, set and respect our limits as well as those of others, we are actually helping the evolution game. Evolution is predestined to happen, on its own terms and always on time.

Mary Markou
Energy Alignment Therapist
Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing.