June 22, 23 & 24


Mary Markou

Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing

Energy alignment therapist


Cosmic Energy Healing is the only system that combines energy healing, holistic medicine and psychology.

It is a quantum method of absolute energy balancing. It is of Russian origin and is a universal system of natural healing for the entire human system. The method goes far beyond that which is so far known since it is concerned with creating synchronicity and material reality via quantum fields from the invisible to the visible world. It is the result of long-term studies of bioenergy phenomena at a quantum level at the Tashkent Space Research Center in Russia.

With the help of dozens of specialized cosmic frequencies, we can balance the energy centers and the main energy pipeline in the spine within minutes. With this mechanism, we also open and clean the meridians, so that the treatment proceeds to the organs, and as such restores their function.

About the Seminar

DURATION: 3- day training course (three days per level). –  morning and afternoon.

Includes free educational material – both paper and electronic.

CERTIFICATE: On completion, a certificate signed by the Cosmic Energy Healing Ltd | London is issued.

Upon completion of Level 1 of Cosmic Energy Healing you can immediately begin using frequencies tuned into to solve your personal issues or those of family and friends. In addition, if you so wish, the knowledge you have gained from this is now sufficient for you to begin practicing the method professionally.


The trainee is tuned into and trained in the handling of the following electromagnetic frequencies.

FARUN BUDA: Universal channel. Especially effective on burns and stomach ulcer. Brings people round from having fainted very quickly. Provides first aid, while keeping a person suffering from a heart attack alive. Treats all diseases, but at a slower rate than other frequencies. It fills the aura with pure energy and activates the chakras.

FIRAST: Basic channel. It helps in the healing of all ailments. More specifically: phlebitis, hearing loss and in the ENT (ear, nose and throat) illnesses. Headaches, migraines, pains and joint functioning. It strengthens the muscular system and bones. It protects but also heals injuries quickly. Helps with toothache, stops caries, stomatitis, gingivitis and periodontitis. Stops bedwetting. Eliminates any negative action. It helps in the energy cleaning of things (automobile goods) and places (office houses).

ZEUS: A universal channel which cleanses the whole system of the head from negative energy (dangerous electromagnetic devices, chemical poisoning, etc.), helps in the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system and of the psyche. It also restores and activates the chakras.

The LEVEL 1 seminar “COSMIC ENERGY HEALING” will be conducted exclusively by Progressor Mary Markou at the Center for Mental Health and Alternative Healing Approaches in Limassol, 13, Nikou Patixi, 3rd floor, Apartment 6, Polemidia.

The centre is managed by Mrs. Pavlina Zinonos.

Information & bookings at the following telephone numbers: Pavlina Zenonos Tel: 99 177673 | Mary Markou Tel: 0044/7411972620

Administrator, Leto Pulli Tel: 99 831771

Organized by: Pavlina Zinonos Tel: 99 177673 | Tutor Mary Markou Tel: 0044/7411972620

Or fill out the contact form to express your interest and get more information about the seminar.

Fee for the Seminar £850

Special rate for Greece and Cyprus

Level 1: 850€

Recommend the seminar to a friend and earn a 50 € discount.

Booking is mandatory

Registrations until June 15th

Deposit 100 €.

Full payment required on the starting date of the seminar at the venue.

Except for the online market where payment is automatically made in full.