Cosmic Energy Healing could be described as a part of a new scientific category:  Humanities Studies of Intangible Technology.

This method combines holistic medicine with psychology and energy alignment therapy, providing healing for both mind and soul. Further than that, it is an amazing system, friendly to the environment and human life, which does not require
absorbing energy for its function from any planetary sources and needs no other materials during its application.

Thus, the method of Cosmic Energy Healing is impossible to cause even the smallest harm, drain any energy sources, or litter the planet.  Its energy and source are located in the surrounding electromagnetic fields which are infinitely continuous and never leave any negative imprints on the three-dimensional material world.  The system leads to an astounding experience in the world of healing and love for the environment, human life, and its continuity.

From my unpublished book
‘Healing from Space’

Mary Markou
Enerγy Alignment Therapist & Author

Full member of BCMA, UK