Some of the reasons for the inability of people to make contact with each other:

  1. The intense emotion of missing each other may become a barrier.
  2. The departed one needs to adjust his consciousness and understand the situation of death.
  3. The imaginary agony and fear that persist in the departed one can be a barrier.
  4. Former unpleasant karmic relationships reveal themselves and build a barrier.
  5. Certain past misunderstandings grow out of proportion in their consciousness and force them to repel each other.
  6. The basic intentions of their lives lead them to different levels or different directions.
  7. The real level of beingness of both parties leads them to different planes.
  8. Former lies and behavior based on hypocrisy and exploitation can form a barrier between the living and the “dead.”
  9. The damage done by past attachments and “love” can form a barrier between two persons.
  10. “Love” based on selfish interest creates repulsion on subtle planes.
  11. Barriers are also built when one is far ahead in his evolution and passes on to higher planes.


Torkom Saraydarian