About Claire


My name is Klairi. I began my studies in the field of tourism and continued my professional career as a specialized executive assistant. Much later, I found myself performing the duties of a city official.

At the moment when my studies were complete, I discovered that life had other plans for me. A chronic and persistent (autoimmune) disease led me to heal myself by attending Cosmic Energy Healing sessions. The spectacular results I received, in relation to my problem, led me to pursue the relevant studies. In the beginning, I did it only to protect and constantly heal myself and my family from any possible problems.

In each level of studies, however, I realized more and more profoundly the great value of this method. With the acquirement of Level 3, I felt very strong and mature as a therapist and I decided to provide my services to any interested party who wants to find a meaningful solution to his or her problems.

Klairi, Cosmic Energy Healing Therapist

I work in Chania, Crete, Greece

Level of Studies: Level 3.

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