If negative self-criticism created perfection, you would have become perfect by now. It doesn’t work this way, so be kind to yourselves. You find yourselves in a human body on the earthly field so that you can educate yourselves. The evolution of the soul leads you to perfection, but this is a long-term process.
Be patient and caring to yourselves, like you would be with a young child. Keep the light of God bright within you. Ask to be helped from anything that inspires you, gives you a sense of strength and trust the process.
You will become stronger and more beautiful with every day that passes by. Keep in mind that you are amazing and unbelievably beloved and that you deserve all the happiness and blessings life has to offer you.

Mary Markou

Energy Alignment Therapist
Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing
Full member of BCMA, UK🇬🇧