Light-mindedness can be defined as a state of mind that deals with the following:

1. With the surface of life

2. With ephemeral values, such as acquisitions and appearance

3. With opportunism and showing off

4. With their appearance and their superficial values

5. By engaging in the pleasures of inferior people

6. By not delving into the depths of causes, reality, or facts

7. By not thinking about the purpose of life given to us

8. By not thinking about the future, about their soul

9. By not having a vision

10. By not trying to get in touch with themselves, with their reality

You can see light-minded people everywhere who are busy with the surface and the garbage of life.  They are like a piece of wood floating on the surface of the ocean, drifting to the direction of the winds and the waves.
Light-mindedness prevents a person from keeping in touch with the ship’s captain – the soul – and because the individual is without direction, they follow the instructions of their illusions, their ego and their pleasures and lead the ship to the rocks.
Recklessness prevents a person from seeing the consequences of their actions.
Light-mindedness blinds people to the true values ​​and issues of the light and makes them waste their time in insignificant things.
A light-minded person is a plant without any roots.  It has no access to the earth’s life-giving substances or sensitivity to the sun’s energy. They waste their time laughing and talking and feel happy with the news of crimes, disasters, and wars, thinking they are not involved with them.

Torkom Saraydarian