Probiotics, the intestine protectors, are more easily described as ‘good’ bacteria, although they may also be yeasts or other types of organisms. These microorganisms actually promote health in various parts of our body, especially in the digestive tract and immune system. Certain probiotics appear naturally in the body, such as bacteria found in the stomach and which are involved in digestion.

This trend though of consuming ‘manufactured’ probiotics is not very beneficial.

The number of bacteria in each organism is as distinct as its fingerprints. As a result, we are never able to know exactly, what type of probiotics we need or not, and to what extent toxins are secreted.

Consequently, taking probiotics in an effort to regulate our bowel and organism, in general, is not a very smart thing, in my opinion, because it can have the opposite effects of what we want.

How then can we protect our intestines, our stomach and our health?

  1. Positive thoughts and joy is the number one factor of good health.
  2. A balanced diet, and a reduction in consuming wheat-based carbohydrates.
  3. Reduce the consumption of animal proteins, because until they are expelled from your body, they have rotted into your intestines and have eliminated many toxins.
  4. Reduction of sugar consumption.
  5. Increase consumption of ‘good’ fat.
  6. Balance in relation to the four flavors of nature. Salty, sweet, sour, bitter.
  7. Reduce consumption of too much homemade food.
  8. Complete abstinence from refreshments or other products sold commercially and are kept out of the refrigerator with a long expiration date.
  9. Daily exercise or movement in general for about one hour.
  10. Stop being just consumers and become a self-conscious person. Then surely you won’t be in danger of anything.

Mary Markou

Energy Alignment Therapist

Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing.

Full member of BCMA, UK 🇬🇧