What is the Schumann Resonance? (Explanation of the Matrix)

All living organisms interact and connect with each other through electromagnetic waves and all of Earth’s inhabitants carry the memory of the initial DNA created on Earth, which resonates with low-frequency waves, which are called Schumann Resonances, in Earth’s atmosphere.

The Schumann Resonances are a set of spectral peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) section of the Earth’s electromagnetic field, which is similar to the fact that these pulses are the heart rate rhythms of the planet. For this reason, most people are extremely open to conducting these electromagnetic waves through their personal bio-neurology, which is excited by these extremely low-frequency sequences, such as 7.83 Hz, what became known as the measure of these waves’ fundamental breadth on earth.

This low frequency range is usually produced in the human brain when it relaxes in alpha or theta conditions. Extremely low frequencies or artificially or physically produced radio waves can reach the same frequencies in the human body, having a series of effects on human electromagnetic and DNA signals that further affect brainwaves and the state of Consciousness….

Mary Markou
Energy Alignment Therapist
Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing
Full member of BCMA, UK🇬🇧