Earning money is the primary need of most people. Gaining as much power as possible is the greatest desire of some others. The actually informed, however, want to control the Matrix.

A truly intelligent and knowledgeable person should know that there is no reason to spend your fortune in order to belong to one of these categories. The only thing a truly spiritual person needs to learn is how to control their personal energy system that is connected to the Matrix, to control the flow of information concerning themselves to and from the Matrix, in order to create their own synchronicity. Thus, they will escape unscathed from everything that happens around them. They are the ones making the decisions that concern their lives.  This is the greatest achievement of a person: to lead their life according to their own plans, without theinfluence or intervention fromany‘external’ conditions.

This is the real challenge. Making money is easy. If you work day and night and investyour time in various projects, then you get rich. Gaining power is also easy. You promise faith and submission to the right people and systems and you become one of them. But the true conquest is to manage your life without being influenced byexternal or internal factors (i.e. your emotional wounds or beliefs). A conquest that requires neither money nor illegal agreements, nor even any physical effort. This conquest, however, requires a great deal of spiritual and energy potential. A large deposit ofmental and spiritual energy, which will keep you in high vibration and place you in a bulletproof energy cocoon of joy, health, progress, abundance, protection, and fulfilment.

This is exactly what Cosmic Energy Healing offers. It is that source of energy that takes you to whatever physical embodiment of your dream YOU WANT.

From my unpublished book COSMIC ENERGY HEALING ‘Healing from Space’

Mary Markou

Enegry Alignment Therapist & Author

FullMember of BCMA, UK